National Digital Learning Marketplace

Under the Educational Service Center of New Jersey, those states and districts that enter into a no-cost agreement for purchasing under the ESCNJ RFP 18/19-44, Coop Number- 65MCESCCPS can be provided non-RFP purchases for services and supports for Digital Learning. The following Metiri Group services and products were competitively selected for inclusion in that Coop agreement. For more information on the Coop agreement and joining the Coop agreement within and outside of the state of New Jersey contact Patrick Moran.

Return on Investment: Digital Learning

To support districts in assessing their Return on Investment (RoI) in Digital Learning we provide RoI calculations from our TRAx data sets for current TRAx users. Access the RoI summary here.

Capacity Building for Digital Learning

To support districts in building their capacity to ensure that decisions are tied to larger teaching and learning goals, Metiri Group offers this resource and coaching based tool set for understanding high impact strategies. Access the Capacity Summary here.

Starter Rubrics for Key Skills

Understanding the nuances of those infamous 21st Century skills is imperative to the progress of our schools and districts to actually develop those skills equitably with all students. These starter rubrics provide definitions, sub skills, and examples of progressions of development. Access the Starter Rubrics summary here.

Assessing Your Culture of Innovation, Collaboration, and Empowerment

Most educational leaders have plans for innovation, STEM, and SEL. But it takes a lot of work to make real change that leads to actual advances in student outcomes. Educators and leaders need feedback on the progress of the school and/or district (shifting from traditional to transformational practice takes leadership from the classroom all the way through every decision maker). Access the summary of the Culture Assessment for Innovation, Collaboration, and Empowerment.

Key Skills Foundations for Instructional Coaches, Teachers, and Leaders

Too many educators, coaches, and leaders do not yet have a deep knowledge about, nor skills in using key skills (e.g., critical thinking, creativity, communication, collaboration, technology competency, self-direction, and information literacy). As districts set expectations for innovative, transformational learning they will need to develop foundational knowledge about these skills for all teachers, more advanced learning experiences for students, and a method for demonstrating progress in both. Learn more about this online learning experience to develop Key Skills Foundations for Instructional Coaches, Teachers, and Leaders.

Integrated Planning for Transformation and Innovation

Districts need to be ready to develop plans to purposefully integrate technology so that digital tools and resources are aligned to academic, non-academic, and social-emotional targets. Those plans only lead to better student outcomes when they synchronize vision, budget, stakeholder engagement, leadership, and high-impact instructional strategies to succeed (i.e., vision, community support, budget, school leadership, identification of high-impact instructional strategies, etc.). Access our full summary of our Integrated Planning for Transformation and Innovation solution.

Scoring Rubrics for Personalized, Authentic, 21st Century, Deeper Learning

What problem do our Scoring Rubrics solve? Most schools have yet to adopt clear definitions and associated rubrics for how students will demonstrate their progress in mastering 21st Century skills, their empowerment in learning, and their role personalized learning environment. Nor have they trained teachers to achieve inter rater reliability among teachers, using rubrics.

The Metiri Solution for Scoring Rubrics: Metiri will provide a scoring rubric for middle and high students’ digital artifacts. The tool would be used to analyze the extent to which the student artifacts represent authentic learning and high quality application of 21st Century skills, authentic learning, student empowerment, and appropriate uses of technology. Metiri will provide the template and conduct training that involves collaborative, comparative scoring of student work to attain inter-rater reliability among teachers. This solution includes a one-year license for participants to use Metiri’s scoring rubric for digital artifacts.

Components of the Scoring Rubrics that are available for stand-alone use outside of the Capacity Building process include:

  • A one-year license for use of Metiri’s scoring rubric for students’ digital artifacts.
  • A one-year license for use of Metiri’s rubrics for authentic learning and 21st Century skills (critical thinking, creativity, communication, collaboration, technology competency, self-direction, and information literacy).
  • A series of four webinar sessions to develop inter rater reliability among teachers who use this tool.

For a pricing sheet or to schedule a demo or discussion please contact
Jennifer Davila in our California office.