Measures for Schools/Districts

Metiri Group, through the enGauge project at North Central Regional Education Laboratory (NCREL) first used the term “21st Century Skills” in the context that it is now widely known. Since 2000, Metiri has collected a significant library of background research, proven strategies for promoting those skills and measurement tools to help K20 educators understand current practice, determine needs, and plan strategic directions. After enGauge, Metiri Group carefully developed research-based tools that have demonstrated worth to schools, districts, states, universities, and other educational organizations across the globe working to achieve a highly developed and continually progressing digital learning system. 

Evaluate Social-Emotional Learning

Metiri has developed a streamline measure for social-emotional learning. This measure is created to provide sound, valid reporting for use in state, district, or school level monitoring, progress, and improvement. If your educational organization is investing in purposefully developing social-emotional learning for students in K12 schools this measure will provide you the data you need. 

Identify Student Outcomes for Digital Learning: Self-Directed Learning Inventory

The Self-directed Learning Inventory (SLI) by Metiri Group is a reliable, online assessment to measure how self-directed students are in their learning. This streamlined assessment helps classrooms, schools, districts, and states analyze self-direction from four sub-scales over time. 

Measure Student Outcomes for Digital Learning: Student Engagement Surveys

The Measure of Student Engagement by Metiri Group is a reliable, online assessments of how cognitively, socially-emotionally, and behaviorally engaged students are in their learning. This dynamic assessment includes reporting on the presence of research-based classroom strategies and pedagogies that promote students engagement over time.