Consulting Services

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Keynoting and Leadership Dream Boxing

Both Cheryl Lemke and Jody Britten provide keynoting and leadership dream boxing sessions. Through this work they share their work in building systems of education that meet the demands of students in today’s classrooms. Keynoting is provided for events of all sizes and focus on the importance of skills, examples of change, the ISTE Standards, Generation Alpha, Empowered Learners, Systems Change to Support Public Education, and more. In addition, Jody provides Dream Boxing sessions that lead school and district leadership through critical discussions that end in a framework for advancing teaching and learning.

Strategic Learning

A research-based, practice informed six phase process that brings districts from understanding current state, data collection, policy and practice analysis, research-based unpacking of any current initiatives, tactical planning, and suggestions for marketing, communication, and implementation (including long-term evaluation of digital learning). Elements of this process has informed the work of schools and districts as they endeavor to create, support, and implement schools that prepare students for their future and move beyond the basics of test scores and attendance. Contact Jody for more information.

Evaluation of Technology Initiatives

Metiri Group consultants provide a full range of education and education technology research and evaluation services to clients that include schools, school districts, state departments of education, foundations, nonprofit organizations, and education technology firms. At Metiri Group we approach evaluation with the multiple needs of our clients in mind, and craft research and evaluation solutions that both assess a project’s impact and guide future decision-making.

Evaluation of Funded Projects

Metiri Group has a strong history evaluating funded projects. Our work includes commitments with Principal Investigators from universities, colleges, K12 schools, non-profit organization, and private corporations. We have worked with the National Science Foundation and U.S. Department of Education among others to provide external evaluation services. If you have questions related to our evaluation background and expertise contact Jody Britten for more information.

External Evaluator for the National Science Foundation

Our experiences with the National Science Foundation include filling the roles of grant reader/evaluator, Principal Investigator, external research partner, and external evaluator. Our clients are both public and private universities, small businesses, and non-profit entities throughout the United States. Metiri staff is trained in evaluation and have a track record of exceeding our client expectations. Metiri is careful to work with the Principal Investigators to insure that the evaluation and research components of any NSF grant work in concert with one another. 

NSF programs Metiri has evaluated include:
Product Evaluation and Research

In a new report from the U.S. Department of Education – Office of Educational Technology tech start ups were encouraged to undertake rigorous evaluation. Further, the report suggested that such evaluation takes time and careful thought and often needs to be conducted by a third party to ensure credibility. Metiri Group provides commercial product evaluation and has the capacity and the established network to provide this evaluation in schools throughout the United States.

Our approach to commercial product evaluation in the educational technology/digital learning market is rigorous and leverages comparison groups whenever possible. We work closely with the product team to ensure that we understand the product, the market position, and the goals for impact in education.

Carefully designing research and evaluation studies and delivering customized reports, that are useful to school partners and private industry is something that Metiri holds the credentials and expertise to achieve.

For more information on consulting services contact Jody Britten.