We provide a powerful suite of tools that support student success in deep learning.

With tools that support and build off one another, Metiri Group helps educators and administrators document their readiness, progress, and success in providing students quality learning experiences grounded in technology enabled deep learning. We make it easy to monitor progress for your school and district in developing your organization to support technology enabled deep learning.

Research-BASED and Research-SUPPORTED measures

Collect valid and reliable data with our suite of research-based and research-supported measures. Metiri surveys designed for students, families, teachers, and administrators. Metiri observation tools provide a true picture of instructional practice and learning experiences in your schools. while using secure and mobile-friendly data collection.


Visualize data using dashboards and download your well-designed reports in PDF. Data is summarized along key themes that can be aligned across tools and supported through purposeful visualization that tells your story of progress through dynamic design.

Professional SERVICES and educator/leader SUPPORT

Our team understands the dynamic opportunities that face schools and districts. The Metiri Group has experienced, grounded educators and leaders that work closely with you to coordinate use of tools, programs, professional development, coaching, and support that builds the capacity of your organization to document progress with data and student outcomes.

Join the thousands of other educators who have used Metiri’s tools. To date we have supported over 3,200 school districts, and over 19 million students.

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