Empower Your Shift with Tools, Practices, and Assessments

Are you looking for a systematic way to transform your schools?  Have you recently moved to a 1:1 digital learning environment, but are not yet seeing significant growth in learning? Are you looking for high-impact strategies for digital learning across the curriculum? Do you want to strategically and tactically plan and then continuously track your progress and optimize? Are you seeking high-impact instruction that empowers learners by using digital tools for real-time feedback, personalized learning, and authenticity in the context of academic growth and college and career readiness? 

If your answer is a resounding YES, these tools are designed for your school. 

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Our store front is organized by steps in “The Shift” and will help you to prep, assess, and plan your shift to transformational teaching and learning.

Please note that several of the products listed below are for district level assessments, see the details of the product. Safe bet is to assume that if it is over $300 it is for district level.

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