Learning is Our Focus

Move forward with frameworks, data, & tools to inform and empower your work in digital learning, self-direction, student engagement, and digital literacy.

Our Rich History in Digital Learning

We believe that educational organizations can initiate and sustain change to meet the needs of today’s learners. This means that they can thrive, transform, become high-performance learning systems, address non-cognitive and applied skills, empower lifelong learners, dive into organizational change, ensure alignment, engage in capacity building, and use tools and research that encourage systems thinking.

The responsibility of every educator is to ensure that today’s students are ready to live, learn, work, and thrive in this high-tech, global, and highly participatory world.”

– Cheryl Lemke


We are a team of professionals with multiple layers of experience in education (teachers, administrators, state directors, technology coordinators, grant specialist, assessment coordinators, etc.). We are all passionate about digital learning and helping the vision that we first articulated in our enGauge document adapt and come to life in today’s schools and universities. We are a woman owned, small-business that partners strategically, works diligently, and is 100% focused on making sure that the work we engage in empowers effective digital learning.


For over 20 years we have served as thought leaders in digital learning and what was once described as 21st Century Skills. We have been the premier evaluation firm for large scale digital learning initiatives, and developed data tools to inform school, district, state, ministry, and national educational projects focused on improving learning experiences and access to deep, authentic learning powered by digital tools and flexible learning environments.


Our founder was one of the first women to testify before the House of Representatives about technology in education. Our work has a legacy and history in the field that is unmatched, informing the work of some of the most influential organizations in technology for learning.

Focus Areas

We ground our work in core topics and focus area including: digital learning, the ISTE Standards, student engagement, self-direction, and provided SAAS tools for preK-20 education stakeholders (including policy makers, leaders, coaches, teachers, and families).

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