Work Samples

We have been around since 1999, during the last decade we have made phenomenal contributions to the field of education. Below are a few samples of our work…

Future Ready Schools

District level planning is also among the key services of Metiri Group. Metiri Group developed the Future Ready Dashboard for the Alliance for Excellent Education. The dashboard includes self-assessments for seven key areas to help districts determine their readiness for digital learning, create a vision for student learning, and evaluate what aspects of the system must be addressed to reach their goals. Through the dashboard, districts can access research-based strategies to address gaps, gather input from school personnel, and evaluate progress over time. Read more about the Future Ready Dashboard in this eSchool News article

Evaluating Impact of Local – State – National Projects

Metiri continues a tradition of meaningful and strategic evaluation and research services at the local, state, and national levels. Here are some of our highlights.

Pennsylvania Department of Education

Metiri serves as the State evaluator for the No Child Left Behind (NCLB), Title II D program in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Working with the Pennsylvania Department of Education, Metiri provides formative and summative evaluation of the competitive grant program for technology integration. A component of the work is capacity building among local evaluators who are working with district grants.

Chicago Public Schools

Metiri served as a design consultant and evaluator to Chicago Public Schools for their NCLB Title II D initiatives. The evaluation included: program evaluation of the professional development and technical assistance provided through the federal grant funds; analysis of the readiness of low-performing schools to use technology effectively; and the effectiveness of professional development and technology-based literacy and mathematics programs.

Clark County School District

Metiri provided the evaluation of the professional development component of the NCLB Title II D, Enhancing Education Through Technology (EETT) competitive grants for one of the largest districts in the United States, Clark County School District (Las Vegas). The evaluation was for the EETT awarded to CCSD for FY03. That work included: establishment of accountability measures, baselines, and benchmarks for teacher proficiency and classroom practice related to effective technology use, and for changes in classroom practices. In addition, Metiri conducted a research study of electronic concept maps in science classrooms for enhancing student learning.

Thought Leadership for 21st Century Digital Learning

Metiri Group, through the enGauge project at North Central Regional Education Laboratory (NCREL) first used the term “21st Century Skills” in the context that it is now widely known. Since 2000, Metiri has collected a substantial library of background research, including proven strategies for promoting those skills and measurement tools to help K20 educators understand current practice, determine needs, and plan strategic directions. Metiri Group has authored several papers, been interviewed by national media outlets, and contributed to the international discussion on 21st Century skills and digital learning since the late 1990s. We have taken this work further by working with school districts, provincial governments, technology companies, and others to integrate 21st Century skills work into their curriculum and assessment tools. Our work has resulted in…

Improved staff knowledge of the research base around key 21st Century skills.

Articulated K12 scope and sequence for teaching and assessing 21st Century skills

Assessment systems to support the measurement and evaluation of student competency in 21st Century skill areas

Most recently our forward thinking vision for digital learning contributed to the design and development of the Future Ready Dashboard. This collaborative project with the Alliance for Excellent Education and the White House has spurred a movement for schools to be Future Ready. Get your district team ready here.

White, Policy, and Position Papers

Pioneering school districts, innovative companies, governmental agencies, and institutions of higher education striving for effective uses of learning technology often tap our services. Metiri has distinguished itself in its “systems thinking,” linking policy, capacity building, and research in technology to learning in classrooms and schools. Our background and skills have been recognized by organizations throughout the world, which have collaborated with Metiri to provide research summaries to an international client base. Metiri’s services large scale visioning and authoring of research-based white papers, position papers, and policy papers on issues related to 21st Century digital learning. Our work has contributed to the development of research papers on creativity and innovation, STEM education, assessment, 21st Century learning, and envisioning classrooms of tomorrow.

Quality Educational Research

Since 2000, the Metiri team has conducted extensive research studies for a diverse set of clients including U.S. Congressional Committees, private sector companies, national education labs, state education agencies, foundations, professional organizations, and a host of school districts. Following is a sample of these projects.  For more information contact Jody Britten

Pennsylvania Assessment of Technology Integration

Metiri designed, implemented, and managed the Pennsylvania Assessment of Technology Integration (PATI) for the past five years. PATI is (to date) the largest survey of education technology, and 21st Century Skills and learning, in the nation and included over 60,000 respondents each year. Metiri provided individual reports to 550 state education agencies. Metiri Group works nationally and internationally. Cheryl Lemke, our CEO, has conducted keynotes and work sessions in Australia, Singapore, China, and Canada. Metiri is currently under contract to provide province-wide services to Alberta Canada for its Emerge Mobile 1-to-1 Computing Program.

National Education Lab

Metiri Group served as a partner in the Regional Education Laboratory Mid-Atlantic with Pennsylvania State University, Rutgers University, ICF Consulting, and Analytica. Providing leadership to the Mid-Atlantic Lab, Metiri was the primary author of, and senior study manager for, a $3 million randomized controlled trial of the Connected Mathematics Program 2 math curriculum including over 7,000 students in the Mid-Atlantic region. In addition, Metiri developed proposals for different levels of funding, coordinates studies, and performs other services to the Mid-Atlantic states.

Curriculum Development

Metiri has the classroom experience, curriculum theory, and modeling expertise essential to quality curriculum design. We have worked with several projects involving the Common Core State Standards and the associated assessments from both PARCC and SBAC. We have designed curriculum for classroom use and teacher training for 21st Century Digital learning. Our work is used by schools, districts, and national educational agencies in more than 60 countries. Other work in this area has been distributed in more than 25 languages. Experience some of Metiri’s training through the INTEL Transforming Learning Courses. 

Effective Professional Development that Inspires Vision and Action

Metiri Group consultants work with states, school districts, individual schools, consortia of educators, and providers of professional development services to design exciting and effective programs tailored to clients’ specific professional development needs. We approach professional development from a systems perspective that accounts for student learning needs, educator proficiencies, and organizational goals. Metiri offers customized professional development in a variety of formats and durations on the following topics:

Creating a Vision for 21st Century Learning

Building Self-direction for Online Learning

Digital Learning Coaches Training and Development Series 

Leadership and Visioning for 21st Century Learning Organizations

Curriculum Frameworks for 21st Century Learning

Authentic Learning

21st Century Skills Focus Workshop

Developing Digital Curriculum

Designing Authentic Learning Units ideal for mobile devices

Newest Web 2.0 Tools in the Classroom

Planning for one to one technology for students