About Our Work

The Metiri Group serves the education community through a broad range of consulting services that empower individuals, companies, foundations, educators and educational institutions to:

Use technology in powerful and meaningful ways; and foster 21st Century Skills in students, teachers, and administrators. Our clients include schools, districts, universities, foundations, government agencies, community organizations, international companies, and other education firms. Each engagement is tailored to the specific needs of our clients. Our services are focused on four core areas: 21st Century Skills, Digital Learning, Evaluation, and Research.

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What we do…

Metiri offers a variety of products that are aligned with our four core service areas and tailored to the needs of specific engagements. These products include evaluation and research, curriculum development, professional development, readiness tools, district and state level visioning and planning, commercial product evaluation, and the development of policy, position, and white papers.

Metiri’s experience includes the evaluation of numerous National Science Foundation (NSF) projects, U.S. Department of Education, FIPSE grants, NCLB Title II D grants, as well as numerous state and district supported initiatives. In addition, Metiri Group has supported education technology initiatives for corporate and non-profit clients such as Intel, Cisco and Apple with 1:1 laptop evaluation, the development of online and face-to-face professional development courses, large scale visioning, assessment tools, leadership tools, and by authoring research-based white papers on technology integration. As a continual provider of professional development for K20 education, Metiri works to bring research to practice through effective strategies and research-based materials.

Our Client Commitment

We are committed to helping learning organizations create ecosystems where 21st century thinking, teaching, and learning can flourish. Metiri is known for over-delivering on our services. We make sure that our client needs are met and continually work with project leaders to ensure that goals are being addressed. As a small business we have the agility to redirect projects and to tailor a pathway that will meet the needs of your organization. At Metiri, we keep learning so that you can keep moving towards your vision of 21st Century learning.

The Core Beliefs of Metiri

At Metiri Group our core beliefs form the backbone of our work.

We believe: All children are entitled to an educational experience that prepares them to thrive in a digital, knowledge-based society. The current public education system can be transformed into a high-performance learning system that prepares students to thrive in the digital age with non-cognitive and applied skills that empower them to be lifelong learners. Successful school change is about organizational change. Organizational change demands vision, openness to change, alignment, capacity building, and systems thinking. We believe in our teachers, our leaders, and our schools and see it is our role to help and support their daily work.

The Value of Collaboration

Partnerships Metiri believes in the power of collaboration and has the experience to build positive collaborative relationships. Most of our clients return to Metiri for additional work after the first engagement is complete. We understand the value of partnering with other educators, researchers, and evaluators to bring new meaning to our work and are always willing to discuss new partnership opportunities. If you are interested in partnering with Metiri Group, please contact Cheryl Lemke or Jody Britten.

Work at Metiri Group

The Metiri Group, a national education consulting firm, builds its staff when it is clear that additional staff will produce greater value for clients while providing meaningful opportunities for our employees.

Metiri Group is continually searching for talented individuals with a background in education, research, and 21st Century Skill areas or Educational Technology. Individuals interested in sharing their talents with Metiri are welcome to send resumes or vitae to Jennifer Davila at [email protected] for consideration.