Digital Learning Capacity Building

About Metiri’s Digtial Learning Capacity Building Tools.

What problem does our Capacity Building solution solve? Many districts have not yet clearly identified how technology decisions are building capacity for their learning organizations. If decisions are made without attention to student outcomes and goals for teaching and learning they may just be “one-off” purchases that don’t build your organization to be better.

The Metiri Capacity Building Solution for Digital Learning: Metiri provides a research-based and practice-informed model that can ensure that your district technology decisions are tied directly to student outcomes. We use high impact strategies based on research, to inform technology decision making. With those strategies in place, districts are able to develop tactical plans (or engage our team to develop those tactical plans for you).

Tactical plans (as opposed to strategic plans) set for specific short term actions that are aligned to long-term goals.

Our model for Capacity Building will ensure that your district knows how to select digital learning solutions that have a high probability of advancing the districts teaching and learning goals (academic or otherwise). Once districts teams understand the process, they will be coached through our time-tested model for developing long-term, intermediate, and short-term outcomes for each digital solution. As a result, each district will walk away with implementation plans that are grounded in implementation science and focused on student outcomes.

Check out how we have used this process as the evaluator’s for the state of Utah.


The Metiri Capacity Solution was developed under the leadership of Cheryl Lemke, internationally recognized leader in evaluation of digital learning and Dr. Jody Britten. Dr. Britten and Ms. Lemke have over 50 years of combined expertise grounded in implementation sciences and digital learning.

The Metiri team followed a rigorous development process that involved multiple rounds of piloting and refinement of the Capacity Building tools (including selection of high impact strategies).