Research on Learning: An update for parents and educators

So often parents and educators hear kids talk about school or about their schoolwork and it truly sounds like they are complaining. But sometimes the reflective and frustrated words of our kids have meaning well beyond what we give them credit for.

We collected common kid-speak, with examples from what parents and teachers have heard their kids say about why they are frustrated with school. We looked at those statements from a perspective of learning science and figured out that kids are really just sharing what they intuitively know about learning. In the following we identify what you might hear from kids and share how what may seem like a student complaining is actually some very reflective opinions on learning that just happen to be backed by learning science. (Read more… )

For over 20 years the leadership at Metiri has been able to translate research on learning into practice, helping teachers on six continents build classrooms, learning experiences, lessons/units, and whole schools around key ideas of learning science.

These key ideas include;

  1. Student Agency
  2. Student Engagement
  3. Authentic Learning
  4. Effective Feedback

Metiri leadership provides coaching, alignment, and training in each of these areas in order to help organizations build themselves up as student-centered, learning focused organizations.

Read our latest Learning Science Brief for parents and educators here.