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Metiri Group is excited to announce our newest tool - TRAx DL.

Digital Learning is a dynamic, complex goal for all educational systems. With TRAx Digital Learning you can finally use a quality measurement and evaluation tool designed specifically for digital learning. With TRAx Digital Learning you can measure readiness and progress towards achieving 21st Century Digital learning. Schedule a demo, see if the data we have is the data you need, and get started immediately on collecting meaningful data that is aligned to the Future Ready Schools framework, and even goes a bit further in informing your momentum towards a research-based vision of digital learning.

TRAx Digital Learning brings digital learning surveys and reporting capabilities to our interactive technology readiness data and reporting system to assist states, districts, and schools with implementing and continuously improving digital learning environments. With Metiri’s new TRAx Digital Learning users will now have the ability to track and strategically plan for digital learning policies and practices using data from six reliable data sources that address eight gears that are critical for digital learning.

In TRAx Digital Learning state, district, and school level reports are generated immediately and offer individual gear reports and a scientifically scored digital learning readiness and implementation overall rating.

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Metiri Group provides evaluation and assessment tools for digital learning. To support digital learning in K12 education we provide effective measures that will provide just-in-time data to inform strategy, implementation, continually improved practice, and long-term evaluation of digital learning.

Personalized Professional Learning for Advancing Digital Learning

Support Digital Learning: Personalized, Professional Development

Our platform for personalized, professional learning allows educators to engage with research-based materials, and earn certificates and badges along the way. Learning Revolution is staged to be a scalable solution (complete with automated enrollment, certification, and micro-crednetialing) for Metiri Group’s research and work in digital learning, 21st Century skills, and entrepreneurial-readiness. We also provide custom access for other organizations (for profit, non-profit, schools, and after school programs) as well as consulting to organizations seeking to deploy their digital curriculum and/or training in personalized ways. Learn more…

Evaluate Digital Learning: Digital Learning Readiness and Implementation Assessment for Advancing Digital Learning at the State Level

Evaluate Digital Learning:

Statewide TRAx

A state-wide interactive dashboard including quality metrics and a research-based, forward thinking framework that empowers state leaders to make decisions related to digital learning readiness and implementation using timely data gathered from all stakeholders. If your state is investing in digital learning, answer the call for evaluation with data that is relevant to stakeholders, policy makers, and educators. Learn more…

Monitor Progress for Digital Learning: Digital Learning Readiness and Implementation Assessment for Advancing Digital Learning at the District Level

Monitor Progress for Digital Learning:

District TRAx

A district-level interactive dashboard that empowers district leaders to make decisions related to digital learning readiness and implementation using data gathered from all stakeholders. Using quality metrics and a research-based, forward thinking framework, this level of TRAx assists districts in measuring progress across schools, monitoring infrastructure and training needs, and providing data to stakeholders to drive continual progress and goal setting. Learn more…

Empower Digital Learning: Digital Learning Readiness and Implementation Assessment for Advancing Digital Learning at the School Level

Empower Digital Learning:

School TRAx

An individual school-level interactive dashboard that empowers school leaders to make decisions related to digital learning readiness and implementation using data gathered from all stakeholders. Based on quality metrics and a research-based, forward thinking framework, TRAx isperfect for evaluating school improvement goals and school-specific projects. Learn more…

Identify Student Outcomes for Digital Learning: Valid - Reliable Assessment of Self-Directed Learning

Identify Student Outcomes for Digital Learning:

Self-Directed Learning Inventory

The Self-directed Learning Inventory (SLI) by Metiri Group is a reliable, online assessment of students’ capacity to engage in self-directed learning. This streamlined assessment provides data to help educators at the classroom, school, district, and state level track students on the four sub-scales related to self-direction over time. Data can be used to assist in evaluating student readiness of online learning opportunities, instructional strategies used in classrooms that support the development of self-direction, and other initiatives (like to 1:1 programs) that encourage self-directed learning.  Learn more…

Measuring student outcomes for digital learning: Valid - Reliable Assessment of Student Engagement

Measure Student Outcomes for Digital Learning:

Student Engagement Surveys

The Measure of Student Engagement by Metiri Group is a reliable, online assessment of students’ cognitive, social-emotional, and behavioral engagement in learning. This dynamic assessment provides data and reporting on the presence of research-based classroom strategies and pedagogies that promote students’ engagement in learning over time. Learn more…

Who We Are?

Leaders in Digital Learning

The Metiri Group serves the education community through a broad range of products and consulting services that empower educators and education institutions to:

  • Advance effective teaching and learning through an understanding of best practice, current research, and emerging trends;
  • Use digital tools with associated measures in powerful and meaningful ways;
  • Foster essential 21st Century, non-cognitive skills in students, teachers, and administrators; and
  • Develop learning organizations that are prepared for and actively provide Digital Learning opportunities to all students.

We are a team of professionals with multiple layers of experience in education (teachers, administrators, state directors, technology coordinators, grant specialist, assessment coordinators, etc.). We are all passionate about digital learning and helping the vision that we first articulated in our enGauge document adapt and come to life in today’s schools and universities. We are a woman owned, small-business that partners strategically, works diligently, and is 100% focused on making sure that the work we engage in empowers effective digital learning.

What We Do?

Collaboratively Advancing Digital Learning through Products & Services that Go Beyond the Basics

Metiri is on the cutting edge of work for evaluating and advancing digital learning initiatives and inspiring educators to engage in 21st Century practices. 

  • We provide access to personalized, self-directed professional learning
  • We support digital learning through measures that are practitioner driven and focused on helping to make effective decisions from the state house to the classroom
  • We design professional development that is led by experienced leaders and classroom teachers
  • Work with clients to provide custom evaluation plans and reports to be sure you can answer questions of impact and engagement with certainty
  • We provide the infrastructure to advance your evaluation of digital learning
  • Pride ourselves on individualized attention
  • Bring to educators world wide, a global Library of exemplars from our renowned clients

    Among others we have served Apple, Inc., Microsoft, Cisco, Intel, Amplify, DreamBox, Teaching Channel, Gates Foundation, the White House, National Commission for Teaching and America’s Future, the Partnership for 21st Century Skills, the Alliance for Excellent Education, National Science Foundation, U.S. Department of Education, Alberta Ministry of Education, Clark County Nevada School District, and the New Jersey Department of Education.

92% Return to our knowledge base for resources and materials to support digital learning
98% Of schools that we work with receive the highest evaluation rating available in their state
100% Of our clients provide us the highest rating on satisfaction and overall performance

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