Web 2.0 – where are you and how to start

Recently at a conference we observed that while some educators are diving head first into the world of Web 2.0 there are still many that are unsure of where to start. Some see themselves as power users and are, some see themselves as power users and quite frankly are not. The problem isn’t in accurately identifying the number of tools you use or the quality of that use. Rather, the problem is in finding out where you are in the trajectory of use and what you can do to keep moving forward. With that in mind we thought it would be a good time to share a tool that we recently created for CoSN, the Transformative Leadership with Web 2.0 Assessment. While this online tool isn’t meant to be a psychometrically validated scale, it is meant to provide users a free, quick, and easy way to see how their efforts in Web 2.0 stack up. We are all learning something new everyday about what the web can do for us, and the power that Web 2.0 brings. Why not give it some thought and add a little strategy to your exploration of new tools? Access the Transformative Leadership with Web 2.0 assessment online here

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