Learn more about using data to support digital learning

Learn more about using data to support digital learning

Using data to support digital learning.

This past winter our team helped a state organization identify current practices with evaluating digital learning. We were charged with identifying what current practices are and what the common data traps are with using data to determine readiness and implementation progress in digital learning. What we found was enlightening, helpful, frustrating, and hopeful all at the same time. Evaluating, assessing, or monitoring progress associated with any digital learning initiative is a complex task. With digital learning everything seems to change. From professional knowledge, practice, parent/family communication, infrastructure, wiring, access, etc. the changes that a digital learning initiative bring to our educational organizations is unprecedented. Our work around digital learning over the past 20 years has led us to understand that digital learning is not just about tools, but the teaching and learning that change along with access  to new and emerging technologies. Join us to hear more about our findings, our work, and our tools that support digital learning.

Interested in learning more about using data to support digital learning?

Join us for a Metiri Group sponsored webinar, and hear from noted thought leader, Cheryl Lemke. Cheryl has been a lead contributor to the international discussion on 21st Century digital learning for over twenty years. Hear directly from Cheryl about the utility of data around digital learning and hear more about her recent work helping educators, leaders, stakeholders, and policy makers to identify ways that they can evaluate digital learning in mindful ways.

Do you have the data you need?

Data around digital learning is too often tied to the number of teachers that complete professional development or the number of devices that are in use. Join one of our free webinars to understand more about how good data can help to improve your practice, position your district or school for long-term funding, and share progress over time with stakeholders.

Join Cheryl Lemke to learn how to use data to support digital learning.

Webinars sponsored by Metiri Group are running throughout the months of April and May, join Cheryl for a presentation of findings from her latest research and hear more about her work in helping states, districts, and schools access meaningful data.

Interested in using data so support digital learning join the conversation


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