Community Partnership Strategies: Digital Learning Framework

As many districts head back to school this week (it’s early August, we find this baffling, but this is what we hear), it’s a great time to reach out to the community to establish some new and firm up some existing relationships. Regardless of what...
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History and Overview of the Framework for 21st Century Digital Learning

In part two of our blog series about our framework, we want to provide a quick overview of our framework for 21st Century digital learning and share the history, as it has developed over time from our many experiences working with schools, districts,...
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Cooperative Groups in Digital Learning: Driver vs. Passenger

Digital Learning: Do you need an argument? Need an argument for your 1:1 (digital learning) initiative? Researchers looked at how working in cooperative groups on computer tasks impacted students’ performance. We’ve all seen this, many have even done...
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