Cheryl Lemke SXSW Panel  Austin 2017 SXSW

SXSW Conference Pick Our Panel!

Send Cheryl Lemke to the SXSW Conference by voting for her panel here! Metiri Group has been working on reframing traditional 21st Century skills into thought provoking and relevant entrepreneurial readiness skills that can be developed through academic curriculum. Our work has demonstrated that entrepreneurial students are independent, curious, engaged, self-directed, and well-prepared for college, career, and the new workforce. The research is clear that non-cognitive skills lead to entrepreneurial success. K-12 students need these skills and an entrepreneurial mindset not only to ensure future workforce viability, but for success in today’s K-12 digital and personalized learning spaces. Participants will leave with a new way to address entrepreneurial readiness and a new frame for thinking about 21st Century learning. Come hear Cheryl Lemke, Gabe Soumakian, and Ann McMullan share examples of how educators are weaving these skills into the fabric of schools. Take a minute and vote for the Cheryl Lemke SXSW Panel HERE.


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