Self-Directed Learning Inventory

What is the self-directed learning inventory?

For more than a decade, Metiri Group has helped schools and districts measure students’ self-directed learning. Research indicates that self-direction is key for academic and life-long success. With the rapid growth of blended and online learning opportunities for students starting as early as elementary school and continuing through adulthood, the need to be self-directed is more critical than ever before. The self-directed learning inventory provides users with automated, online surveys that can be set up for open access or tracked by student ID codes. Surveys are available in English and Spanish and are accessible on any Internet connected device. At the conclusion of the data collection cycle, reports are accessible almost immediately. Within weeks of beginning the surveys with students, educators can access detailed data describing their students’ levels of self-direction. These data can be used to make calculated, strategic decisions to address the capacity for self-directed learning of their students. Metiri Group’s self-directed learning inventory has proven to be a valid and reliable measure of self-direction for students in grades 5 through 12.

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When a school, district, classroom, or special project purchases SLI, they will receive dynamic reports and can even include time-series, or longitudinal data collection to measure progress over time. Sample reports are provided at a scheduled demonstration.  Access a Digital Case Study