Measure of Student Engagement

What is the measure of student-engagement?

Are your students genuinely interested in the topics they are studying? Are they highly motivated and committed to learning? Do they persevere when challenged with complex topics? Are they achieving deep, authentic learning? Are they self-directed? Answering “yes” to these questions would suggest that your students are engaged learners. Unfortunately, many teachers are answering “no” to these questions. Increasingly, schools are finding that students perceive school to be boring or irrelevant to their lives and feel alienated from their schools as a result. Many students may do just enough to get by, while the most disenfranchised simply drop out. Metiri Group’s measure of student engagement has been in use internationally for over a decade. The measure is designed to evaluate students on three engagement scales (cognitive, behavioral, and social-emotional). Data is gathered from students using an easy-to-administer instrument that asks students to rate themselves on a scale that is intended to gather information on student engagement in a variety of content areas, tasks, and contexts. Metiri’s highly trained designers and analysts use advanced scoring processes to provide reliable data on each student’s level of engagement on the three scales across courses. Metiri Group’s measure of student engagement also uses the findings from the data analysis to provide tailored, research-based insight to help teachers engage their students, including examples of classroom structures powerful use of digital learning tools and strategies. The student engagement measure has been found to be valid and reliable for measuring student engagement in grades 5 through 12.
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Success Stories

Schools, districts, and classrooms  receive dynamic reports and can even include time-series, or longitudinal data collection to measure progress over time. Schedule a demonstration to receive specific examples of how the student engagement measure can work to enhance teaching and learning.  Access a Digital Case Study