Thought Leadership

Thought Leadership for 21st Century Digital Learning

Metiri Group, through the enGauge project at North Central Regional Education Laboratory (NCREL) first used the term “21st Century Skills” in the context that it is now widely known. Since 2000, Metiri has collected a substantial library of background research, including proven strategies for promoting those skills and measurement tools to help K20 educators understand current practice, determine needs, and plan strategic directions. 

Metiri Group has authored several papers, been interviewed by national media outlets, and contributed to the international discussion on 21st Century skills and digital learning since the late 1990s. We have taken this work further by working with school districts, provincial governments, technology companies, and others to integrate 21st Century skills work into their curriculum and assessment tools.

Our work has resulted in…

  • Improved staff knowledge of the research base around key 21st Century skills
  • Articulated K12 scope and sequence for teaching and assessing 21st Century skills
  • Assessment systems to support the measurement and evaluation of student competency in 21st Century skill areas

Most recently our forward thinking vision for digital learning contributed to the design and development of the Future Ready Dashboard. This collaborative project with the Alliance for Excellent Education and the White House has spurred a movement for schools to be Future Ready. Get your district team ready here.

Register for access to our Knowledge Base to access free copies of much or our work or find out more about Metiri’s background and commitment to 21st Century digital learning by contacting Cheryl Lemke or Jody Britten.



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