Readiness for Digital Learning

A key component of our work is helping learning organizations understand their readiness through a lens of research and best practice. Our readiness tools are constantly expanding to include new, established, and emerging ideas related to digital learning. For more information on using our tools to measure progress overtime contact Cheryl Lemke

TRAx State Level System

Metiri Group developed the TRAx system to gauge the technology readiness of K12 schools and districts for online testing and digital learning. The TRAx system is designed to collect and store datasets that inform readiness ratings. These ratings are published in reports that are customized for each school, district, region, and state. Metiri Group works with state level leadership to deploy measures for broadband capacity, online testing readiness, and digital learning. To see a sample of how TRAx has been used, review the New Jersey digital learning portal developed by Metiri Group.  

TRAx Digital Learning

Metiri’s D21 – TRAx suite of tools is a systemic approach to 21st Century Digital Learning. It includes a framework that is based on research from the learning sciences, a set of key 21st Century Skills, and our research-based dimensions required for a state, district, or school to fully participate in 21st Century Digtial Learning. Dimensions21TM (D21) / TRAx provides the “What, Why, Where, and How To” for advancing 21st Century Digital Learning in schools – as well as the metrics to track a school’s progress. D21 – TRAx consists of a definitional framework, multiple data collection strategies, and information-rich reports on the readiness of your schools to engage students in this important work (including student perspectives on their engagement in learning). Metiri also provides high quality consulting services to guide states, districts, and schools toward innovative 21st Century digital leadership, learning, and teaching. 

Metiri’s team takes data to the next level, looking at web and other technology trends and how you can use them to improve your school. We provide evaluation and professional development for getting your district up to date with the latest technologies. Our reports will:

  • Benchmark districts against established metrics for 21st Century Learning
  • Establish a baseline to gauge progress
  • Isolate and address factors that enable (or block) effective uses of 21st Century Learning
  • Build the capacity of administrators in regard to 21st Century Learning
  • Document the incremental changes in classroom practice that result from investments in 21st Century reform and/or technology-related professional development

Future Ready

District level planning is also among the key services of Metiri Group. Metiri Group developed the Future Ready Dashboard for the Alliance for Excellent Education. The dashboard includes self-assessments for seven key areas to help districts determine their readiness for digital learning, create a vision for student learning, and evaluate what aspects of the system must be addressed to reach their goals. Through the dashboard, districts can access research-based strategies to address gaps, gather input from school personnel, and evaluate progress over time. Read more about the Future Ready Dashboard in this eSchool News article


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