Integrated Instructional Plan



Do you need a district or school wide instructional plan that is aligned to and integrated with district priorities, programs, and budgets?

How will districts write an instructional technology plan that is aligned to academic and social-emotional targets and that synchronizes the elements necessary to succeed (i.e., vision, community support, budget, school leadership, identification of high-impact instructional strategies, etc.)?

Metiri provides their model for identifying high impact digital solutions based on research that lays a foundation for the plan. Metiri will work with a leadership team to ensure the district grounds its plan in digital learning that has a high probability of advancing the districts’ academic and other learning goals. Once those are identified, Metiri will support the district’s identification of sets of long-term, interim, and direct outcomes and associated metrics that together serve as guide posts for continuous development and monitoring of an instructional plan, including: capacity building, professional development, culture shifts, instructional implementation, budgets and maintenance/sustainability for this work.

  • Licensing (1-year) and training on the Metiri model for identifying research-based high-impact technology solutions aligned to district learning targets. (Team would then be able to develop solutions on their own.)
  • Licensing (1-year) and training on the Metiri model for developing a tactical plan to implement research-based, high-impact technology solutions. (Team would be able to develop tactical plans on their own.)
  • Development of research-based high-impact technology solutions aligned to a district learning target by Metiri. (Metiri would develop solutions with team input.)


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