Capacity Building




Join us to dive into capacity building for programmatic effectiveness and maturity 

Districts need models that optimize the effectiveness of technology in learning. Often they make programmatic technology decisions based onwhat other districts are doing, or what they hear about from other educators, rather than doing the research. Once solutions are identified, they don’t often build the type of tactical plans required for effective implementation.

Metiri provides a research-based and practice-informed model for identifying high impact digital solutions based on research. That model will ensure the district knows how to select digital learning solutions that has a high probability of advancing the districts’ academic and other learning goals. Once those are identified, Metiri will share a model for developing tactical plans by building of sets of long-term, interim, and direct outcomes for each digital solution. These will serve as implementation plans.

  • Licensing (1-year) and training on the Metiri model for identifying research-based high-impact technology solutions aligned to district learning targets. (Team would then be able to develop solutions on their own.)
  • Licensing (1-year) and training on the Metiri model for developing a tactical plan to implement research-based, high-impact technology solutions. (Team would be able to develop tactical plans on their own.)
  • Option: Development of research-based high-impact technology solutions aligned to a district learning target by Metiri. (Metiri would develop solutions with team input.)

Note in the order if you would like to add on individual school reports, or grade-band reports for the districts (each report is $299 per school or per grade-band)


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