online testing can tax resources of schools

Online Testing–Hard on Resources

As testing season wraps up at most schools, many have found what they believed to be up-to-date infrastructure, policies, technology, and procedures were inadequate to support the increased demands on their resources. For example, a recent article in the Davis Enterprise highlighted bandwidth issues during testing periods in the Davis Unified School District. While the district has adequate bandwidth for testing or instruction, they were concerned they did not have enough for both to occur simultaneously. This is certainly not a new issue, as teachers have been asked to limit their use of online resources during assessment windows since online testing began years ago. In the Davis district example, the testing window is a month long, which means for 1/9 of the school year, teachers are unable to use technology to bring the world to their students and vice versa.

Online Testing: When will you know your resources are ready?

While the Davis district continues to add more bandwidth and more devices, how can a district know how much is enough? How can districts and schools justify these purchases to stakeholders who may just see more and more dollars being spent on digital tools without much understanding of the need for additional resources? Metiri Group can help you make evidence-based decisions related to digital policies and purchases. Our TRAx tool is specifically designed to gather the data that schools and districts need to determine if they have adequate resources to meet their goals. TRAx can be tailored to focus just on providing adequate resources for testing or provide information related to all forms of digital learning throughout the year. We don’t just provide the numbers; we help you translate the data into strategic plans and actionable steps to help your school or district move forward. Want to learn more? Check out the information on our website or drop us an email.

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