Online Courses

Self-directed | Coached | Credentialed


Best for those who want to learn at their own pace, on their own timeline, and looking for a knowledge level certificate. These are great option for leaders and educators who are looking to create a solid foundation for understanding to ignite deeper, locally facilitated work. Individual purchases or group discounted purchases are available.


Best for those who want to have a coach to set a timeline for completion and virtual face time with someone with deeper content knowledge to ask question, gain additional resources, brainstorm, and plan for implementation at the classroom, school, district, or state level. Coaching is only provided when group purchases of self-directed courses are completed.


All of our courses come with a knowledge-level credential, these help to demonstrate your complete of the course and your demonstration of understanding (i.e., scoring 80% or higher on an automated assessment). We have performance-based credentials available for coaching purchases, and several of our knowledge-level credentials are jointly provided by ISTE and Metiri Group.

Coaching for Impact

Our focus is on working through research-based foundational content to empower great conversations. We all want to do great work for learners, but it takes intentionality and focus. Take a look at what our last Digital Citizen Coaching cohort achieved within a few short months.

ISTE Partnership

We authored the research-based frameworks for the ISTE Standards for Students. These tools are intended to help teachers prepare to develop all students to achieve the ISTE Standards. See the courses that are available for self-directed use, group or individual use, or coaching at our ISTE Standards Professional Development site.

Did you get your Digital Citizen poster?

We were so excited to see the Digital Citizen framework that we authored for ISTE be part of the membership packet for all ISTE members. Did you get your poster? If not you can download your digital citizen framework poster for classrooms.