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Laptops Equal Learning?

A new study out of Michigan State University found that one-to-one laptop programs had a positive effect on student learning in English, math, science, and writing. Educators don’t need research to know that you can’t just put a laptop in every student’s backpack and see these positive effects. The research reinforces, however, that positive outcomes are seen “when there is teacher buy-in, suitable technical support and professional development for teachers, and appropriate implementation with the curriculum.” It is evident from the research that the simple presence of laptops for learning is not enough, there is clear evidence that educational outcomes can be supported through the use of technology but that takes focused effort. At Metiri we have built an entire knowledge base around facets of digital learning that get to the heart of what this study found: that deep pedagogical change is necessary for the benefits of technology to be fully realized. Our Indiana office is fortunate to have several great examples of schools and districts that are moving away from a focus on the tool and more into a strong focus on the learning that tool is expected to facilitate. Read about our recent sit down with one district who was experiencing some discontent over a one-to-one requirement in primary grades.

Laptops for Learning: How to Get Started

Many schools are thinking about implementing 1:1 initiatives and don’t know where to start. Other schools have already implemented them and aren’t see the desired outcomes. Regardless, Metiri Group can help your school or district get on track toward a highly effective 1:1 implementation. We partner with school and district staff to engage stakeholders, gather the data you need, and facilitate planning and implementation. Check out our list of services and products or contact us to find out how.



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