Metiri TRAx being used in New Jersey to inform progress in digital learning

New Jersey Uses Metiri TRAx to Push the Digital Learning Envelope

Metiri Group is proud to be working with New Jersey in their efforts to ensure all students will be Future Ready. Their use of our TRAx tool has given New Jersey’s educators (through the NJTRAx tools powered by Metiri) the data they need to make decisions to inform policy and practice statewide. We are excited to continue our work with these dedicated, forward thinking educators.

NJ TRAx Powered by Metiri Group

Since our work began in 2013 New Jersey has transitioned from using Metiri’s TRAx digital learning and assessment readiness tool kit, to using Metiri’s digital learning tools. TRAx assessment readiness helped New Jersey acquire the data that they needed to document readiness for PARCC online testing. According to reports from the New Jersey Department of Education having TRAx data supported the movement from 45% to 99% of students taking online assessments and contributed to over 89 million dollars in savings and significant increases in broadband internet being available across New Jersey.

“Districts and schools may be technology ready for assessments, but many are not integrating the technology effectively in the classroom to support learning.” (see New Jersey Future Ready Schools presentation to the New Jersey Department of Education)

NJ TRAx Supporting Technology Integration

To support technology integration at the classroom level New Jersey has made TRAx digital learning available to all of their K12 schools to provide each school a digital learning index that will eventually help New Jersey schools be recognized for their progress in classroom integration of technology. The Future Ready Schools-New Jersey (FRS-NJ) program is designed to promote digital learning throughout New Jersey’s elementary and secondary public schools, and to engage students in developing 21st -century skills, by encouraging the best use of digital-learning tools by educators, according to Hespe. Learn more about New Jersey’s use of TRAx at the state level and check out the latest on their efforts and partnerships!

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