Ed at ISTE 2012 talking cognitive science and 21st century learning

Going to ISTE 2012? We are thrilled that Metiri’s Ed Coughlin will be onsite to meet with stakeholders and present on our work. Ed is our team leader in the area of cognitive science – we learn so much from him that we are excited for you all to get a chance as well! Here is the scoop on what Ed will be sharing:

There is a huge disconnect between classroom teachers and cognitive science. We know so much about specific practices that can improve student learning, much of it related to technology use, yet it is not getting down to the classroom. This session aims to correct that.

During this brief presentation Metiri’s Ed Coughlin will feature five findings from recent cognitive science that is turning much of what we thought we knew about teaching and learning on its head! Each of the findings has significant implications for schools and teachers and each has a link to learning technologies. Join Ed as he shares research in cognitive science as it relates to 21st Century teaching and learning, and the links between cognitive science and technology in schools.

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