Are lunchrooms encouraging student entrepreneurs?

It appears some students are more ready to be entrepreneurs than we anticipated. According to this article from the Christian Science Monitor, as school meals get healthier as a result of the Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act, they include less fat (read: butter) and less salt. Julia Child often said, “Fat gives things flavor,” and the school lunches have a reputation at the moment of reinforcing her point of view. According to the Christian Science Monitor article, some enterprising young students are apparently setting up a little market for banned items, bringing in salt and pepper shakers from home and lining their pockets and backpacks with potato chips (which they then sell to their less-entrepreneurial peers). It seems like every law has at least one unintended consequence, but nurturing our young entrepreneurs through creating a supply and demand imbalance for salty foods is definitely not what the authors of the law were aiming for.

Metiri is all for young entrepreneurs though, and we have ways to encourage and build students’ entrepreneurial-readiness through the development of the five meta-skills of entrepreneurship: calculated risk-taking, evidence-based decision-making, persistence, self-direction, and tolerance for ambiguity. These skills can be nurtured and developed in all students, and integrated into lessons in all subjects in the classroom. The good new? No one will be checking their pockets for salty-contraband on the way out of the cafeteria!

Stay tuned over the next few weeks as Metiri has some plans to help you develop your students’ entrepreneur-readiness!

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