Metiri has several solutions that are intended to meet your needs, contact us for more information about these or new innovations you have heard about at conferences or other professional events.

D21 / TRAx Suite of Tools:

Survey systems for students, schools, teachers, administrators, and families designed to help educational organizations create and monitor continued progress towards 21st Century Learning and/or STEM education and Universally Designed Learning. Our traditional D21 tools have been refreshed into new TRAx tools that help support 21st Century digital learning.  There are several different layers to our TRAx system including state level planning/readiness, school level planning/readiness/progress, and classroom level practices. [read more…]

Student Measures:

Metiri’s student student measures are designed to be used with 4-12th grade students. Our tool kit includes digital learning practices at the school or classroom level, structured observation protocols, self-directed learning inventories, student engagement surveys, and several focus group and interview protocols. These measures individually and cumulatively provide schools, districts, or other stakeholders the opportunity to capture data that accurately represents student life within and outside of the classroom. Surveys can be a one-time data point, or they can be administered overtime to demonstrate a longitudinal views.

Entrepreneurship Education:

Funding through a highly competitive Small Business Initiated Research grant from the National Science Foundation, our team is developing tools that will empower teachers to develop entrepreneurship skills through cognitive strategies, and content area opportunities.

Informal STEM learning:

Through our work evaluating several National Science Foundation grants over the past fifteen years we have compiled a large set of interview, site visit, and observation protocols that help to gauge effectiveness and engagement in professional development, application of professional development at the classroom level, and partner replication and sustainability of professional development.


The Assessment Portal for 21st Century Learning allows learning organizations a space to collaborate, learn, access model units related to the common core, access model rubrics for 21st Century Skills and Common Core standards in mathematics, and document inter-rater reliability. AP21 provides state of the art, asynchronous professional development on 21st Century Skills and Authentic Learning. [read more…]