Educational Research

Quality Educational Research

Since 2000, the Metiri team has conducted extensive research studies for a diverse set of clients including U.S. Congressional Committees, private sector companies, national education labs, state education agencies, foundations, professional organizations, and a host of school districts. Following is a sample of these projects.

Pennsylvania Assessment of Technology Integration

Metiri designed, implemented, and managed the Pennsylvania Assessment of Technology Integration (PATI) for the past five years. PATI is (to date) the largest survey of education technology, and 21st Century Skills and learning, in the nation and included over 60,000 respondents each year. Metiri provided individual reports to 550 state education agencies.

Metiri Group works nationally and internationally. Cheryl Lemke, our CEO, has conducted keynotes and work sessions in Australia, Singapore, China, and Canada. Metiri is currently under contract to provide province-wide services to Alberta Canada for its Emerge Mobile 1-to-1 Computing Program.

National Lab

Metiri Group served as a partner in the Regional Education Laboratory Mid-Atlantic with Pennsylvania State University, Rutgers University, ICF Consulting, and Analytica. Providing leadership to the Mid-Atlantic Lab, Metiri was the primary author of, and senior study manager for, a $3 million randomized controlled trial of the Connected Mathematics Program 2 math curriculum including over 7,000 students in the Mid-Atlantic region

In addition, Metiri developed proposals for different levels of funding, coordinates studies, and performs other services to the Mid-Atlantic states.

For more information about working with Metiri contact Cheryl Lemke or Jody Britten.