Local – State Initiatives

Evaluating and Researching Impact of Local – State – National Projects

Metiri continues a tradition of meaningful and strategic evaluation and research services at the local, state, and mnational levels. Here are some of our highlights.

Pennsylvania Department of Education

Metiri serves as the State evaluator for the No Child Left Behind (NCLB), Title II D program in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Working with the Pennsylvania Department of Education, Metiri provides formative and summative evaluation of the competitive grant program for technology integration. A component of the work is capacity building among local evaluators who are working with district grants.

Chicago Public Schools

Metiri served as a design consultant and evaluator to Chicago Public Schools for their NCLB Title II D initiatives. The evaluation included: program evaluation of the professional development and technical assistance provided through the federal grant funds; analysis of the readiness of low-performing schools to use technology effectively; and the effectiveness of professional development and technology-based literacy and mathematics programs.

Clark County School District

Metiri provided the evaluation of the professional development component of the NCLB Title II D, Enhancing Education Through Technology (EETT) competitive grants for one of the largest districts in the United States, Clark County School District (Las Vegas). The evaluation was for the EETT awarded to CCSD for FY03. That work included: establishment of accountability measures, baselines, and benchmarks for teacher proficiency and classroom practice related to effective technology use, and for changes in classroom practices. In addition, Metiri conducted a research study of electronic concept maps in science classrooms for enhancing student learning.

What does Metiri do?

At Metiri we provide meaningful measures that have proven reliability and validity statistics behind them. As we continue to grow our tool kit we expand our presence in schools, districts, states, for profit, and not for profit research initiatives focused on 21st Century Skills and Educational Technology throughout the United States, Canada, and internationally. We work with our clients to develop research plans, create a theoretical frame for the research, and back our work up with current and forthcoming research from the field. Metiri staff keep up to date with current research and trends and leverage our over 50 years of combined experience in education to make sure that your projects rest on a solid foundation. If you are interested in talking with someone at Metiri about your current research and/or evaluation projects please contact Cheryl Lemke or Jody Britten for more information.