Supporting One to One Initiatives

Supporting learning and pedagogy through your one to one initiative getting started? Let us help… 

One to one initiatives in this day and age are not about the technology, the technology empowers a specific kind of learning and pedagogy that is only possible in today’s digital world. In 2002, Metiri was selected by Apple computer to provide consultation and guidance to the Henrico County Schools as they rolled out the first large-scale, one-to-one initiative in the nation. Laptops were provided to tens of thousands of students over a three-year period. Since that time, Metiri has served as a thought leader in effective deployment of one-to-one laptop, tablet, and even cell phone initiatives. The purpose of these initiatives is to connect rich, authentic curriculum design, with serious science related to leveraging these devices, to promote student engagement and self-regulated learning behaviors. Metiri has had long-term relationships with individual school districts and private companies internationally, with clients such as Apple, Microsoft, and Intel. Metiri has provided the development of white papers and online courses on effective use of laptops and mobile devices; and training and support to ensure that a one-to-one program adds documentable value to students’ school experience.

“We approach one to one planning from a curriculum and pedagogy perspective – the technology is there and we are attentive to it, but we know that it is really about learning!” – Jody Britten, Senior Associate at Metiri Group

What we do to support learning and pedagogy in your one-to-one initiative.

Strategic Planning: Metiri staff members help your organization think through the process of organizing a one-to-one initiative around key learning and pedagogical goals, a critical step for most organizations. Metiri staff have been through the process and know which “bumps in the road” to avoid. From communication, teacher readiness, and long-term planning, our strategic efforts will help your one-to-one initiative start on a road to success.

Measuring Readiness: With our TRAx system we can help your organization understand its readiness from infrastructure, administrator, teacher, parent, and student perspectives. We see a lot of learning organizations today launching into one-to-one initiatives without thinking through how they will measure their progress toward becoming a 21st Century learning organization that supports digital learning and pedagogy over time. This is probably the most critical aspect of planning – one that is important, yet often overlooked.

Professional Development: We have several individuals on our staff who have either taught in, led, or administered a one-to-one initiative. Our professional development experience always uses a framework that supports your local vision, and focuses on the teaching and learning that will make your one-to-one initiative purposeful. We have online modules that are meant to be used by professional learning communities; and face-to-face training options and webinars available to our clients. Cheryl Lemke and Jody Britten facilitate professional development around the globe working to make each experience supportive of local goals  and address unique and individual needs.

Visioning: Often times, when a one-to-one initiative has been launched, we see the learning organization grow into new ways of thinking about teaching and learning. As digital tools challenge the way we think about time and space in education, visioning becomes an important part of stakeholder development. Metiri President, Cheryl Lemke, facilitates visioning sessions with district, school, and community leaders and stakeholders. She helps to create a vision for the future, which will build from your successes and provide a purposeful direction for the next stage of your one-to-one initiative.

Data Retreats: At Metiri, we believe that digital learning is a complex, long-term investment. We work with leaders to help them understand the data they have, make data driven decisions around digital learning, and set the stage for data use over time to inform continuos progress. As the authors of the Future Ready framework and the powerhouse behind the future ready dashboard, Metiri knows how data connects to digital learning to support funding, long-term investment, and continuous improvement.

Impact: With the capital involved in visioning, launching, and sustaining one-to-one initiatives the question of impact often arrises. Metiri supports the research and evaluation of one-to-one initiatives to help schools ask the right questions about impact of devices and brings knowledge and experience in numerous one-to-one initiatives to the table to help support the development of your questions and guide you or facilitate for you the steps necessary to answer those questions about impact. Impact is a complex idea in education, at Metiri we can help make that complexity more manageable.