Leadership in Digital Learning

Metiri Group is a women-owned, small business with its main office located in California. The firm was started by educators, and continues to work for educators and leaders working to design state of the art learning experiences for all students.

Cheryl Lemke

nationally recognized figure in edtech | experienced presenter | framework and assessment tool development | change maker | author | lead evaluator for state level projects

Prior to launching Metiri Group, she was the executive director of the Milken Exchange on Education Technology for the Milken Family Foundation. Cheryl has published articles and appeared in a variety of media outlets such as Education Week, eSchool News, THE Journal, and numerous other publications. As a recognized speaker and facilitator Ms. Lemke connects with educators, policy makers, private sector leaders, and advocates internationally. Cheryl regularly collaborates with different educational leaders to deepen their thinking and provide thoughtful evaluation of technologies, learning goals, and systems that support K-16 learning. Ms. Lemke specializes in public policy for K-16 learning technology, working at many levels with governors, legislators, superintendents, professors, business leaders, and teachers. Ms. Lemke’s 25-year career in the public sector and her work with Metiri Group have included projects related to assessing the impact of technology on learning; gauging the progress of states, districts, and schools in bringing technology to the learning process; conducting surveys and focus groups; convening national experts in discussions on policy issues; and designing and prototyping educational technology frameworks. As an associate superintendent for the Illinois State Board of Education, Ms. Lemke managed a center for learning technology with over 100 staff members, translating the $50 million annual budget into: a new State backbone; professional development centers; community-based technology planning processes for Illinois schools; and online curriculum projects designed to help students learn. Ms. Lemke also oversaw the development of state learning technology plans in both Illinois and Washington. Recognized nationally as a proactive leader in learning technology, and sought after as a consultant, speaker, and writer, Cheryl Lemke has designed policy in the state house that translates into sound educational practice in the schoolhouse.

Jody Britten, Ph.D.

thought leader | product development & management | research design | grants funded contracts | marketing and design lead | keynotes and presentations | coaching | partnership development

Jody is an award winning educator in preK-20 education. She is known as an innovative thinker and connector. Jody began her career in Massachusetts, and since has served as a teacher, team leader, evaluator, assessment designer and coordinator, curriculum designer, advocate, author, and researcher in education. Jody has a unique depth of understanding in systems of learning. Public and private schools engage Dr. Britten to support curriculum development, critical thinking/collaboration/creativity, learning environments, systemic change, assessment, equity, and accessibility. Since joining Metiri Group, Jody has contributed to the implementation and thoughtful pursuit of key skills and digital learning in countless classrooms and contributed to the development of educational systems that positively impact student engagement. Having trained school educational leaders and teachers on six continents, Jody’s work continues to be grounded in research and implementation science. As a former special education teacher, Jody demonstrates a rich knowledge base of the research behind effective teaching and learning in the 21st Century, and the unique capacity to help activate that research in classrooms. Dr. Britten is recognized as a national thought leader in digital learning, most recently serving on the leadership team for the National Center to Improve Faculty Capacity to Use Educational Technology. Jody developed the research foundations and classroom strategies for the International Society for Technology in Education learning standards for students in 2016 and has engaged educators across the globe in the use of the professional development for the ISTE Standards that she co-authored with the ISTE standards team. At Metiri Jody has led product development, national and state initiated STEM and STEAM work, and facilitated partnership development since 2009. Jody has coauthored several frameworks, including one for developing entrepreneurial skills in all students for the National Science Foundation. Jody supports start-ups, private sectors companies, states, districts, schools, universities, and non-profits as they establish their individual goals and ultimately their pathway for success in achieving dynamic, meaningful, purposeful actions that empower students for success. Jody has written books, articles, chapters focused on digital learning, systems change, and 21st Century skills.