Getting ready for a one-to-one initiative?

In 2002, Metiri was selected by Apple computer to provide consultation and guidance to the Henrico County Schools as they rolled out the first large-scale, one-to-one initiative in the nation. Laptops were provided to tens of thousands of students over a three-year period. Since that time, Metiri has served as a thought leader in effective deployment of one-to-one laptop, tablet, and even cell phone initiatives. The purpose of these initiatives is to connect rich, authentic curriculum design, with serious science related to leveraging these devices, to promote student engagement and self-regulated learning behaviors. Metiri has had long-term relationships with individual school districts and private companies internationally, with clients such as Apple, Microsoft, and Intel. Metiri has provided the development of white papers and online courses on effective use of laptops and mobile devices; and training and support to ensure that a one-to-one program adds documentable value to students’ school experience.

We see so many schools jumping to one-to-one initiatives and there are opportunities to measure, create a vision, and support the classroom teachers and stakeholders that will be impacted along the way — we want to be sure your learning organization is taking full advantage of our experiences.

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