Future Ready Extension Programs

Future Ready Extension Programs

Are you a Future Ready School? Have you taken the pledge and are wondering what’s next? Metiri Group can help with our extension programs!

Over the past two years, Metiri Group has powered the Future Ready Dashboard. This has enabled us to leverage our work with schools and districts around the world to build out a research-based framework that is also very grounded in practice. With over 2,000 districts signing the Future Ready Pledge, there are now extension programs available to help districts achieve the goal of becoming a Future Ready District.

Those extension programs provide opportunities for districts to enhance digital learning and take time to thoughtfully progress towards their goals. The purpose of the extension programs, as descrdibed by the Alliance for Excellent Education, is to, “…further enhance the effectiveness of your program, or address a specific area of need for your district.” Metiri Group is among several leaders in digital learning, including edSurgeCoSNThe Friday Institute, and Common Sense Media. that currently support districts and schools in their work.

Learn more about our extension programs that we offer for Future Ready Schools and let us know how we can support your district or school! Suggest new extension programs for Metiri Group to offer by contacting Jody Britten.

Future Ready Framework

Metiri Group authored the Future Ready Framework as a natural extension of our research and work to support 21st Century digital learning. Over the past 16 years, Metiri Group has built up their thinking and knowledge base and has carefully observed the change in schools initiated by new technologies and new ways of thinking about teaching and learning.  Read more about the Future Ready Framework and compare itto our enGauge Framework from long ago. Congratulations to all of the districts that have taken the Future Ready Pledge. You will help to keep this vision of 21st Century digital learning thriving in the years to come!

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