FETC is around the corner and Cheryl Lemke will be there!

The Florida Education Technology Conference (FETC) is one of the most comprehensive educational technology events in the nation. Metiri’s Cheryl Lemke will be providing ideas and insights as a featured speaker at FETC January 30th and 31st. Cheryl has been doing some incredible thinking and writing on the idea of personalization of learning and we are excited for the opportunity for you to learn more about this landmark work. Cheryl will also be presenting on creativity and innovation in K12 classrooms. Be sure to follow Cheryl on Twitter @lemkec and plan to attend her presentations.

Personalization of Learning: Models and Directions for Districts to Get Started

Personalization of learning is the next frontier. Come explore personalization through digital learning, exciting uses of Web 2.0 and apps, open educational resources, curated digital content, blended learning, adaptive learning, and ubiquitous access. Take a look at some great examples that are emerging through the implementation of the Common Core, analyze the learner experience, and outcomes, think about what it takes to provide that for your students, and then act.

Creativity and Innovation: Keeping it Alive in K-12

Do schools inhibit creativity in students? Can we nurture and promote creativity in students? If so, what does it look like in a 3-year-old? In a grade 4, 7, or 10 student? And how do you measure it? What are some tips and techniques for promoting it, and where’s the fit with the Common Core, new models of blended, online, personalized, and digital learning? Come join the discussion about the “secret sauce” for promoting creativity in today’s K-12 classroom.

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