Q? Can Metiri provide professional development anywhere in the US?

A. The Metiri staff is mobile and provides professional development anywhere in the United States and around the globe. Contact Metiri as soon as possible to ensure that your preferred dates are available.

Q? Are Metiri’s survey tools available for other researchers?

A. Metiri surveys, research, and evaluation tools are carefully constructed by content experts, statisticians, and psychometricians. Our tools are primarily made for our education clients, however our tools are used by evaluators and researchers globally as a means to streamline their work. Our tools have been used to evaluate national projects, as well as local initiatives. Pricing can be built into any evaluation plan or research design.

Q? Can Metiri provide a quote for professional development on a short timeline?

A. Metiri staff are able to provide a quick response for serious inquiries about professional development. We routinely provide full proposals for learning organizations and private companies interested in our services. To ensure that we meet your unique needs, we recommend an initial conversation designed to provide us with the context of your organization.

Q? Does Metiri qualify as a women-owned business?

A. Metiri is a certified Women Owned Business. To find out more about Metiri’s certification see:

Q? Can Metiri conduct the external evaluation for my NSF grant?

A. Yes, Metiri is currently the external evaluator for several NSF grants around the country. In most cases, Metiri will compose the evaluation plan during the proposal stage in exchange for an agreement that they will be offered the evaluation contract if the proposal is funded. Metiri has a strong reputation as an external evaluator for NSF and has experienced Principal Investigators on staff.

Q? Does Metiri only work with large organizations?

A. Metiri works with organizations of all sizes. Our experience and background allows us to work with organizations from the smallest of school districts, to the largest of corporations. Our clients span from Fortune 500 Corporations to individual researchers at Universities.

Q? Can Metiri provide a key note address for our international, national, state, or location conference or event?

A. Metiri staff can provide very powerful keynote addresses for international, national, state or local conferences and events. Our team is known for providing thought provoking presentations that challenge, prepare, inspire, and energize audiences.

Q? Is it expensive to work with Metiri?

A. Metiri is an internationally recognized educational consulting firm. We offer competitive pricing and strive to make sure that our pricing meets the needs of ever-changing learning organizations. Our pricing is determined based on our team’s assessment of the project, necessary staff, development, and overall time commitment.

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