Extension Programs that Support Digital Learning

Metiri Group has been a proud partner in creating the Future Ready Dashboard. In relation to the back-end design, thinking, and research that Metiri Group has completed, we are now offering extension programs based on our long history of success in helping states, districts, and schools launch, continue, and continually improve digital learning initiatives.

Purposeful Evaluation of Digital Learning: Developing metrics of success

The Developing Metrics of Success mini-courses are available through face-to-face day-long retreats, and coming in early 2016 instructor facilitated self-directed, personalized courses. During the mini course, participants will be introduced to outcome-based metrics to measure readiness, implementation, and progress points related to a digital teaching and learning initiatives (including student outcome measures) and develop minimum benchmark standards for school level reports to measure successful implementation of a digital teaching and learning initiatives. Relevant to those that need to identify pre-implementation, implementation, and ongoing monitoring metrics for digital teaching and learning initiatives. At the end of the mini-course participants will have a “digital learning metrics” and a draft budget for monitoring the ongoing, dynamic digital learning that is occurring locally.

  • 8-12 (including independent learning tasks) hours to complete
  • Certification offered (including micro-credentialing)
  • Available in multiple formats (online, blended, and synchronous)
  • Appropriate for state, district, or school level teams, including policy makers, educational leaders, and educators

Contact Jody Britten for more information and pricing for face-to-face events.

Support Digital Learning: Personalized, self-directed professional learning

Our platform for personalized, professional learning allows educators to engage with research-based materials, and earn certificates and badges along the way. Learning Revolution is staged to be a scalable solution (complete with automated enrollment, certification, and micro-credentialing) for Metiri Group’s research and work in digital learning, 21st Century skills, and entrepreneurial-readiness. We also provide custom access for other organizations (for profit, non-profit, schools, and after school programs) to deploy their digital curriculum and/or training in personalized ways. Courses are currently available in five key areas:

  • Self-directed learning
  • Persistence
  • Tolerance for ambiguity
  • Calculated risk-taking
  • Evidence-based decision-making

Based on Metiri Group’s research with international educators, we also offer consulting services to identify professional learning needs in your state, district, or school and help you to utilize your Future Ready Dashboard data from the perspective of professional learning and supporting long-term goals of digital teaching and learning initiatives.

Purchase courses online at Learning Revolution by Metiri Group or contact Jody Britten for bulk-purchasing information.