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Metiri Group is proud to provide three resources to support eLearning.

  1. Our partnership with ISTE, provides access to digital professional learning opportunities for teachers and leaders focused on the ISTE Standards for Students. The Digital Learning Pathways are quick, self-paced modules that provide direct strategies for empowering learners and developing students as digital citizens. Read more here…
  2. We provide coaching for teams, whole schools, and districts on preparing for, facilitating, and supporting ongoing quality eLearning based on our framework for engaged, inspired eLearning. This coaching can be intensive one week support, or ongoing as needed support that leverages expertise, experience, and knowledge with the facilitating, design, and planning of eLearning. Contact Jody for more information…
  3. We have designed a fast-trax tool that will provide ongoing information to schools and districts around their implementation, facilitation, and ongoing participation in eLearning. These readily available survey tools will allow your district team to plan, respond, and support with ease and effectiveness tied to eLearning. Contact Jody for more information…

Download our Quick Check:

Practice for eLearning at the elementary level here.

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