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The Eight Components of our Digital Learning Framework

We apologize, last week we got side-tracked with other news (bloggers are easily distracted), and now we’re going to change the plan a bit. Rather than getting into the first component of our digital learning framework and continuing our focus on the first five components in the framework, we’ve decided we need to clarify the entire framework first. After we put them out there, we didn’t like the way those five components looked all by themselves. We’re going to revise our presentation and start with the complete list of eight components, then we’ll move into defining each one.

Phases of digital learning initiatives: Readiness and Implementation within a Digital Learning Framework

We think of digital learning initiatives in two phases, readiness and implementation. At Metiri Group, we feel there are three gears that are essential to readiness that must be addressed and set in motion before digital tools arrive in students’ hands. Not that these components don’t continue being important, but focusing on these components to be ready for implementation greatly increases the chances of a successful overall implementation of digital learning. The readiness components of our framework for digital learning include …

  • Professional learning
  • Budget and resources
  • Innovative leadership

We build from those three readiness components that support digital learning and expand to having five additional pieces of the framework that are important during the planning stages but of increased importance during implementation. The implementation components of our framework for digital learning include …

  • Curriculum, instruction, and assessment
  • Use of time
  • Technology, networks, and hardware
  • Data and privacy
  • Community partnerships

Can a digital learning framework really be that simple?

A question we get asked about the Metiri Group framework is, “How can you separate those things? Aren’t they interconnected?” In schools, everything is interconnected. It’s probably the greatest strength and the greatest weakness all at the same time, especially from a research perspective. Yes, each one of the components of our framework for digital learning impacts each other one to create the entirety of the school context. There are certainly features that they have in common. In looking at them as components of the framework, and in measuring them to provide input and feedback to educators, we focus on the things that are unique about each one. If you create an eight circle Venn diagram (don’t really, it would be overwhelming, just figuratively create it), the components that are in the individual circles and not in the overlapping pieces are those we are focusing on as far as defining them and measuring them. In reality, it’s more nuanced than that of course, but sometimes you need to pull something apart to really see all the pieces, then put it back together to make it better.

Looking Ahead: The Individual Components of a digital learning framework

Next week we will get started on describing the first component of the framework. If you need guidance or assistance with your digital learning initiative in the meantime, check out the resources in our knowledge base or learn more about our work to support 1:1 initiatives on our website or drop us an email. We’re happy to provide personal guidance specific to your own plans or current practices in digital learning.

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