Ed Coughlin’s Recent Article in Educational Leadership

Will high schools become mere certification mills? Or will they redefine themselves as collaborative environments for developing 21st century skills?

Ed’s newest article in Educational Leadership explores the opportunity of open-source information and the impact this new content knowledge can pose for high school. 

Abstract From Educational Leadership:

Because of the growing availability of open-source information online, high schools’ traditional role as transmitters of content knowledge is becoming obsolete. Coughlin envisions two possible future scenarios. In one scenario, most students will gain knowledge independently in community learning centers and high schools will be relegated to certification mills that document students’ mastery of the curriculum and provide remediation and support for those students who are not capable of working independently. In the second scenario, high schools’ role will be to involve students in rich, authentic, collaborative work that builds essential 21st century skills. Coughlin states that this scenario “is being developed today in a few cutting-edge schools across the United States.”

Read Ed’s article online here.




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