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Our tools have evolved and been perfected to make it easier for onboarding, use, and integration. Our tools that are delivered as a service is fully hosted and managed for you. Our cloud-based solutions are reducing the burden exponentially for educational stakeholders around the globe.

Assessment Tools to Inform Digital Learning | Digital Citizenship | Digital Literacy | Student Engagement | Self-Direction | ISTE Standards

Assessment Tools for Education

It’s time to show your progress and shed some light on the growth that your students and system are experiencing. There was over 2.8 billion dollars in ed tech spent by schools in 2020, with an expected 20% growth in 2021. We can’t tell the story of those expenditures with test scores alone. Our tools are designed to tell your story, show progress, and give you data to target improvements.

Our student-side assessment tools have been vetted for accessibility and are created in 508 Compliant HTML that conforms to Web form guidelines for users with disabilities. A full accessibility report is available upon request.

Survey of Student Engagement

Measure student engagement across content areas and as a whole for students grades 5-12. This can be deployed at the school or district level. Available in English and Spanish.

Self-Directed Learning Assessment

Self-direction is an essential component to online, virtual, and in-person learning. It is a foundation for inquiry, deep learning, and much more. Our self-direction learning assessment for students in grades 5-12 is an online tool that can be deployed at the school or district level. Available in English and Spanish.

Digital Literacy Assessment

This Technology in Learning Assessment provides student surveys in grades 5-12. This tool gives schools and districts data on home connectivity, technology use for college and career readiness, technology use across content areas, and student level data on their use of technologies for learning. (Learn more about the Technology Genres that Metiri uses for our work to evaluate digital learning and technology for learning in schools).


TRAx is being used by school, district, and state leaders, as well as consultants around the United States, to access valid and reliable data to inform goal setting and improvement in professional development, skill development, and purposeful digital learning. Grounded in learning, TRAx provides a solid data set that is informed by administrators, teachers, parents/families, and even students. Available in English and Spanish. TRAx is grounded in the framework (which Metiri Group authored) for the national Future Ready Schools initiative and focuses on the eight essential elements of successful learning environments.

  1. Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment
  2. Use of Time
  3. Technology, Networks, and Hardware
  4. Data and Privacy
  5. Community Partnerships
  6. Professional Learning
  7. Budget and Resources
  8. Innovative Leadership

Success Stories

“New Jersey has used the TRAx system to inform their progress in digital learning policy and implementation for over 2,300 schools.” – Learn more about technology planning in NJ

“Utah has used student assessments to identify areas of growth in developing students as digital citizens.” Learn more about Digital Teaching and Learning UT.

“The Department of Defense Schools are using the ISTE-Metiri professional development courses to help prepare faculty to advance their work in digital learning. Learn more about the DoDEA work in Technology and Innovation

We have facilitated data collection with all 50 states and have built data tools for more than 3,000 school districts.