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Welcome to Metiri Group

Metiri Group is the premier organization for supporting high-quality, evidence-based digital learning. Through research-empowered thought leadership with practical yet innovative practices, Metiri Group is at the cutting edge of supporting educators and systems committed to high impact learning. 

Every person that works with our team has teaching experience in real classrooms (preK-20). Our goals are grounded in the belief that educators and educational organizations can initiate and sustain change to meet the needs of today’s learners. We are committed to creating tools, experiences, and products that we can be proud of. Believe us when we say that the expectations for our team are high and we are focused on relevance to YOU as the ones that are still in classrooms, schools, and administrative offices supporting education).

Metiri Group Services

Student Assessment Tools

We have evidence-based, valid and reliable tools that are grounded in and focused on student learning.

Keynoting | Speaking

We have keynoted events and are focused on sharing our message of quality learning experiences for all students. Grounded in research and empowered by thought leadership.

Long-term Support

Our team has the tools, experiences, and resources to provide long-term implementation support for high-quality learning experiences that are empowered by technology, and focused on deep, authentic learning.

Building Tools

We have designed and built some of the most utilized tools in digital learning. Our team uses frameworks to inform our work so that data collection is not “just surveys” but real, evidence-based and research-informed tools that work for educators.

Professional Development

We provide in person and virtual professional development to school leaders, instructional coaches, district leaders, policy makers, and state leaders. Focused on ISTE Standards, digital learning, student engagement, and developing self-directed learners.

District and State Level Data Tools

We have collected data in all 50 states, facilitated some of the largest data collection efforts in the history of digital learning, and now provide SAAS tools and dashboards that directly impact your ability to meet your goals and serve your students.

Looking for our 21st Century Skills Rubrics?

We just don’t know what else to call them! They are key skills, everyone needs them. But when we come up with a fancy name no-one knows what we are talking about. Regardless, your rubrics to help classroom-based assessment of 21st century skills are here and ready for you.

Specialization Areas

  • ISTE Standards
  • Digital Citizenship
  • Student Engagement
  • Self-Directed Learning
  • Authentic Learning
  • Leveraging One to One Technology
  • Developing Policy to Support Learning
  • Key Skills Integration and Evaluation (creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, etc.)
  • Integrating a full range of digital learning experiences across grade levels and content areas
  • Curriculum mapping for key skills and digital learning
  • Designing and facilitating evaluations for policies and other funded initiatives

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Contact us for an initial conversation and to get started on creating a partnership with our group that will support you in reaching your goals.