Cheryl Lemke joins Karen Cator and others at ModSim world event

The sold out MODSIM WORLD 2012 is a unique multi-disciplinary international conference for the exchange of modeling and simulation knowledge, research and technology across industry, government and academia. The 2012 event is a one-day event bridging the fall 2011 MODSIM WORLD event to its new timeslot in the spring of 2013. Focus areas for the 2012 event, like previous MODSIM WORLD events, include Transportation/Logistics, Medical/Healthcare, Education/Workforce Development, Manufacturing, and Defense/Cyberwarfare.

Metiri’s Cheryl Lemke will be serving on the panel for education and workforce development along side Karen Cator (Director of Educational Technology, U.S. Dept. of Education). The panel will focus on modeling and simulation in K-16 education, and focus on the following…

With the marked advances in computational speed and memory of modern computers which are generally available to large numbers of people at acceptable cost, modeling and simulation is starting to appear in the lexicon of educational programs ranging from Kindergarten through post-secondary educational programs. Innovation is based on the understanding of the physical systems provided through mathematical models and how those models operate over time. A workforce proficient in modeling and simulation is required to further increase the efficiency and profitability of US industries. 

o Challenges associated with infusing modeling and simulation (M&S) into primary, secondary and post-secondary curricula

o Solutions associated with infusing M&S into the above curricula. Solutions that could be modeled in other organizations and/or regions

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