Cheryl Lemke at ISTE 2012

Cheryl Lemke, CEO of Metiri Group, will be presenting a spotlight session at the International Society for Technology in Education’s 2012 conference. She will be engaging the crowd on the topic of Personalization of Learning through Digital Content. Devices are now low cost; media is now all digital; libraries, museums, governments have been digitally archiving information for years; and most communication today is digital. The session will present a framework for understanding the types of digital content pertinent to schools, approaches to lesson design that leverage digital content; how to curate digital collections for and with students; and policy and digital learning environment considerations. Digital content is the new frontier. It has the potential to bring interactivity, personalization, differentiation, and individualization to student learning. Come join the discussion.

Wednesday, June 27th at 8:30 am

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