Bring your own device at ISTE 2012

Cheryl Lemke, the CEO of Metiri Group, will be co-presenting a session at the International Society for Technology in Education’s 2012 conference in June on the hugely popular concept: Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) to Schools. Her co-presenter is Karen Andrews, Acting Director for the School Technology Branch of Alberta Education. Together they will share the experiences that 10 school jurisdictions in Alberta have had in launching BYOD models. Join this session to get a copy of Alberta’s new guide on BYOD approaches. While there are many one-to-one classrooms and schools, few districts can afford to provide every student with an up-to-date, personal computer. One of the emerging trends in one-to-one is the personally owned device (POD), where students bring in their own devices. While this might be seen as a low-cost approach to ubiquitous computing, the concept is not without its challenges. In many ways, it shifts costs from the device to other arenas, including network re configuration, bandwidth, digital content, digital citizenship, professional development, etc. And, as in any one-to-one configuration, there are equity issues, and a critical need to redesign pedagogy in order to leverage the investment fully. Ten pioneering school districts in Alberta, Canada have been working together to pilot various POD models and write a guide for other districts that might consider this approach. The intent is to share the guide and facilitate discussions among the audience on key issues.

Wednesday june 27th in the afternoon

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