CCSS Impact on Teaching

According to the Teaching Higher report, educators have made substantial changes to their instruction in order to align with the Common Core. Over 80% of math teachers and over 70% of language arts teachers indicated changing more than half of their instructional materials. More than half! From a teachers’ perspective, that’s practically like being a first year teacher all over again. This represents a pretty impressive commitment from teachers to try to help students meet these new standards. Despite initial uproar and some bumpy starts, data from this research suggest that the majority of teachers are all-in and that administrators believe the new standards will ultimately improve student learning.

Metiri is interested in the impact this has had on teachers. Tell us about the changes you have made in your instruction as a result of the Common Core and how this has impacted your classroom, both in terms of student learning and teacher workload. What resources have you been using to make these changes–professional development, lesson plans online, social media? We especially want to hear if the adoption of the Common Core has had an impact on the digital learning tools that you use professionally and with students.

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