Data Retreats: Professional development that helps leaders use data

Data Retreats: Professional development that helps leaders use data

Much has been written about big data, and this is just adding to the conversation about data driven decision making for schools. There is a lot to learn, a lot to digest, and a lot that collaboration and facilitation can uncover about educational data. Join us in professional development aimed at helping leaders use data to improve student learning, learn more about our data retreats that help leaders understand and use data effectively.

About Metiri Group.

Metiri Group is an internationally recognized consulting firm known for delivering effective, efficient, and purposeful training to school leaders and teachers. Metiri Group consultants work with states, school districts, individual schools, consortia of educators, and providers of professional development services to design exciting and effective programs tailored to clients’ specific professional development needs. We approach professional development from a systems perspective that accounts for student learning needs, educator proficiencies, and organizational goals. Metiri offers customized professional development in a variety of formats and durations.

Data Retreats that help leaders use data.

Our “Big Data – Data Driven Decision Making” data retreats has been used at a state-level throughout Illinois, and have been provided at the school and district level internationally.

Our “Big Data – Data Driven Decision Making” data retreats bring together state, district, or school leaders to:

  1. Gain deeper knowledge of ways big data and data driven decision making can contribute to the professional practices of administrators and teachers.
  2. Review models of big data and data driven decision making currently used in education, and identify strategies for creating a positive, effective data culture.
  3. Learn tips for ensuring data are valid, reliable and useful.
  4. Have practical experience in interpreting datasets, analyzing data to inform decision-making, and gain insights on using state and local formative data to inform teaching.

These customized retreats will introduce leaders to essential elements of data literacy, and provide an opportunity for successful data driven decision-making. Participants will interactively engage with colleagues in case studies to “test the waters.” Skills and experiences from these retreats help leaders to understand how they can uncover problems students are having with learning; serve as an effective guide to align teaching practices to meet student needs; inform resource investment; and empower students to “own” their own learning and embrace assessment as a valued feedback loop in learning.

After participating in one of our retreats leaders can empower other educators to respond to accountability mandates with confidence. Participants leave ready to seize the moment, “own” the data, ask important questions, and interrogate the data for its story – a story about what students need to learn more deeply and quickly.

Participation will increase effectiveness as a teacher and administrator, and make leaders change agents in improving the learning trajectories of students.

For more information about scheduling your data retreat contact Jody Britten.