2013 Updated Continua for 21st Century Skills Now Available

Increasingly school districts are acknowledging the critical role of 21st Century Skills in preparing students for college and a career in today’s high tech, global, connected society. The 21st Century Skills include such skills as critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, self-direction, information literacy, global and cultural awareness.

As school districts begin to address these skills within the curriculum, they immediately recognize the need to assess their students’ progress. A very common way to to gauge performance progress of students on a myriad of skills, processes, and habits of mind is the use of rubrics. To that end, Metiri Group provides, in a newly updated publication, sets of continua for each of the skills. It is important to note that these continua are in fact, continua – not rubrics. They depict levels of development, but are not specifically targeted to any one task, assignment, content area or grade level.

Educators who engage with this new publication will find the continua to be an excellent starting point for the development of rubrics customized for their students, curricula, classrooms, and units of study. Metiri Group spent several years conducting the background research necessary to develop the initial continua released in 2003 and have continued to updated our research base over the past decade. Our intent continues to be, to provide teachers with explicit criteria by which to gauge students’ progress. Each continuum defines the skill; identifies specific behavioral, cognitive, and affective qualities of each 21st century skill; describes levels of progress toward each of these qualities; and positions each skill in the context of today’s digital society.

We are excited to bring you this new release and hope you find the continua helpful to your work. If you have any questions about how to access our 2013 21st Century Skills Continua publication please contact us at


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