State Level TRAx

What is state level TRAx?

Assess the digital learning readiness levels of schools and school districts using the web-based TRAx Digital Learning and Assessment Tool. At the state level, states can begin collecting data almost instantly. The interactive dashboard allows the state-level administrator to assign roles and responsibilities to individuals within the system to ease administration of assessments with stakeholders at the state, district, and school levels. Tailored for individual states, the state level TRAx tool can be customized to align with state standards and assessments and individualized for state-level priorities and goals. Overall, district, and school-level TRAx reports provide data describing device readiness, network readiness, and overall readiness, and calculations to help users determine network infrastructure and device needs for digital learning and online testing.

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state level TRAx by Metiri Group

Success Stories

TRAx is being used throughout the United States to ensure that states have data related to digital learning readiness. Schedule a demonstration to see it in action.

What sets TRAx apart?

  • Data for readiness, implementation, and progress monitoring.
  • Ease of use is described as “flawless” by educators.
  • Data sandbox lets users see how changes can improve their readiness.
  • Every piece of data is meaningful and all tied to a proven framework for digital learning.
  • The entire TRAx system has been vetted by educators, and developed with educators to ensure that it gives states, districts, and schools the data that they want and need to support digital learning.

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