Jody Britten

Senior Associate

Jody Britten, Ph.D is a Senior Associate at the Metiri Group. Dr. Britten specializes in project design and evaluation, and the utilization of innovative technologies in teaching. She has an extensive background in curriculum and instruction, with experience as a special educator, district level advisor, curriculum consultant, assessment designer, mapping facilitator, professor, program coordinator, and assessment coordinator in teacher education.

Dr. Britten has nearly 20 years experience working with the operation and evaluation of grants funded by the U.S. Department of Education and National Science Foundation. She has authored several articles, reports, and published papers as a result of her work with innovative teaching practices, systems change, one-on-one implementation, principal training, and teacher education.

Dr. Britten has contributed to the creation of online training systems for post-secondary and K-12 students, teachers, and faculty members. She has received several awards and acknowledgements for her innovative and effective teaching methods.

Dr. Britten provides training to university and school leaders in the area of digital leadership, helping them to identify appropriate starting points, goals, and measures for any of their technology initiatives that focus on teaching and learning.  In addition, she provides consulting services to schools and organizations as they improve professional development, technology, and instructional delivery through data-driven decision-making.

Helping schools move from print to digital textbooks, she has provided engagement coaching and curriculum design assistance to K-12 level educators. Dr. Britten and her colleagues have designed an intensive curriculum design, scope and sequence for 21st Century Skills that helps districts build out a local plan for addressing, assessing, and evaluating these critical skills for our children. Having worked with teachers from multiple continents she has a comprehensive research knowledge and practical experience for helping schools, districts, and states progress in 21st Century digital learning.

As part of her growing skill set, Dr. Britten has engaged several districts and universities in the use and evaluation of mobile devices as an instructional tool and 24-7 student learning opportunity.

Dr. Britten was named a Frye Fellow, after participating in a competitively selected leadership program for change agents in higher education sponsored by EDUCAUSE and the Council for Library and Information Services. Dr. Britten and her colleagues are currently working on planning and research documents that will inform international practices in STEM, one-to-one initiatives, and digital curriculum.

Jody Britten